New logo

April 28, 2012
 Today we are going to have a new logo.  One for most of the pages and one for comix monday.  We are going to put the new logo on the website on Sunday this week.
 No promises



April 4, 2012
Hi We thought that we should make a members zone, and games only for members.  To get a membership you will need to pay a undecided amount of money a month to get access to all the features.
 These features include
 Access to the members zone page, limited edition comics, member only comics, access to absolutely all of the games.
 There will be a pool in the future about the price. a poll on the front page to decide how much money you should pay.
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April 4, 2012
 A executive on the website, Paul Hinta got the idea to make a magazine.  The magazine will cost $4.50 each.  It bill contain limited edition comics. You will also be able to read the magazine on a iPad.  It will probably have 16 pages.
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February 28, 2012
 Our C.E.O. thought of something, iPhone cases with Lizzies on it.  I thought about it and then I said yes.  iPhone Cases will be on sale for 39.99$ (We do not know the currency).
 We will also be making iPod 4/Blackberry/Samsung Galaxy S/iPhone 4,4S,3G,3GS
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New QR Code

February 11, 2012
 Scan this with your smartphone and it will bring you to our website.
 If you want to print it out and put it around your neighbourhood.
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New Mobile app

February 11, 2012

New Mobile App Comming out in about a Month.

Lizzy Club Mobile

LizzyClubMobile has all the features of this awesome website.




-Comment us via email

- Free for the first month on the app store and market.

Be part of Beta of our app.  Check out every day for up to date information of our website and on Lizzy Club Insider!

 App is free for the first month on Android Market and Apple App Store
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